At THE PROGRAM, we believe that self help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) play an essential role in building and maintaining recovery for our clients.  These types of fellowships provide them with the opportunity to connect with numerous resources including sponsors, home groups and activities within the community that promote abstinence.  It is a requirement of THE PROGRAM, that our clients obtain a sponsor and a home group while in treatment to help increase the motivation and support necessary in recovery.  In addition to developing these relationships, our clients are required to complete a continuing care plan, which identifies people, places and things, including NA/AA meetings to increase their success upon returning to the community.  Research has shown the effectiveness of NA and AA in recovery, especially when paired with traditional treatment.  Our clients are encouraged to gain the most from their involvement in these support groups while in treatment and are provided with both in-house and community based meetings.  In addition to the different types of fellowship meetings available, we permit and encourage our clients to get involved in other recovery activities such as National Recovery Month events and speaker jams.  It is our hope that through these avenues, they will become inspired, motivated and hopeful for a future free from addiction and provided with added support that will continue with them even after they have completed the program.