Individual Therapy

While peer interaction and support is quite beneficial to recovery efforts and often a staple of most treatment programs, individual therapy has been proven to be just as effective and often preferred to group therapy.  Individual therapy allows clients the opportunity to work one on one with a Therapist in a private setting to work on identified treatment goals.  One of the most important aspects of the therapeutic process is the rapport developed between the Therapist and the client and this often occurs during the individual therapy sessions on a much deeper level.  In individual therapy, clients are provided the opportunity to focus on their own issues and receive individualized feedback uninterrupted by other individuals in treatment.  Many individuals involved in treatment often feel over-whelmed and anxious about sharing their life experiences and thought processes with others even if they are in the same situation and individual therapy can help ease some of these tensions.  The reduction of this stress can provide a better, more focused basis that clients can then use to gain more from group therapy.  Individual therapy allows clients the avenue to develop skills and learn how to talk about their own feelings.  At THE PROGRAM, clients are provided individual therapy on a weekly/monthly basis dependent upon their phase in the program.  However, clients are encouraged to utilize the Therapists as often as needed outside of set sessions.